Watch The Sea is cleaning the coastal areas of the sea underwater and on land, where no other activity is yet installed. 

The collected trash is identified and recycled or disposed. The data is shared with the individual parc authorities as well as with specific platforms who we collaborate with. Through this information the characteristics and origins of the trash can be better understood and appropriate measures can be taken

Watch The Sea wants to contribute to the reduction of trash that ends up in the Ocean.


Trash is unfortunately found everywhere in the water and on the wild coasts.

We collect during the trails in a depth up to 15 m and on the wild beaches.​

Bigger trash will be disposed on the coast and authorities are informed.


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During our expeditions we have the chance to monitor also the sealife underwater. This is why we started collecting information about biodiversity with the tools provided by the following professional organizations: Polaris by Septentrion, Fish’n Click by ifremer and BioLit by planète mer.



Watch The Sea also collaborates with companies and laboratories to help optimize the water quality of our oceans. By collecting water samples from the areas visited during sea trekking excursions and by passing this information on to professional laboratories, we can help to obtain clarity about salinity, PH levels and substances in the sea that could be harmful to humans and marine life.