JULY 2021

De retour de notre dernière expédition à Crozon, Juillet 2021

De retour de notre dernière expédition à Crozon, en Bretagne, organisée dans le cadre du projet PPP (Preventing Plastic Pollution) avec de bons résultats et de belles expériences.



Back from our latest  expedition in Crozon, July 2021

Back from our latest successful expedition in Crozon, Brittany, organized in the frame of the project PPP (Preventing Plastic Pollution) with overall good results and great experiences.


JUNE 2021

Notre première Journée Nature a été un beau succès.
Dans le cadre d’un accord de mécénat de compétences Watch The Sea a organisé une Journée Nature avec CVE (Changeons notre Vision de l’Energie) pour faire découvrir le Seatrekking à leur collaborateurs et à des jeunes de deux associations soutenus – Contact Club Marseille et AAJT Association d’Aide aux Jeunes Travailleurs.
As part of a sponsorship agreement Watch The Sea organized a Nature Day for its collaboration partner CVE (Changing Visions of Energy) to introduce Seatrekking to their employees as well as to young people from two associations supported by them – Contact Club Marseille and AAJT Association d’Aide aux Jeunes Travailleurs.

Nous sommes heureux d’organiser nos prochaines expéditions Seatrekking en Bretagne avec le soutien et dans le cadre du programme INTERREG Channel et du projet Preventing Plastic Pollution en coopération avec le Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise (PNMI).

Avec cette expédition éco-citoyenne pour la recherche scientifique et le ramassage des déchets en mer, nous voulons construire un pont entre les amoureux de l’océan conscients qui veulent faire la différence et la nécessité de protéger activement l’océan. Rejoignez-nous !


We are happy to organize our upcoming Seatrekking expeditions in Brittany with the support and in the frame of the INTERREG Channel program and the project Preventing Plastic Pollution in cooperation with the Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise (PNMI).

With this eco-citizen expedition for scientific research and trash collection in the sea we are aiming to build the bridge between conscious ocean lovers who are aiming to make a difference and the need for active ocean protection. Join us!

MAY 2021

De retour de notre dernière expédition à Six-Fours-Les-Plages

une belle région à 30 minutes de Marseille où nous avons surveillé le littoral le long des îles et avons pu collecter une certaine quantité de déchets. Nous avons eu la chance d’être accueillis par un endroit confortable et naturel, appelé “Les Toits du Gabou”, qui nous a servi de camp de base pendant trois jours.

La température de la mer était juste autour de 16-18 degrés et les premiers jours nous avons eu du vent jusqu’à 20-25 nœuds mais les filles étaient juste très badass et intrépides et ont tout donné. Au total, nous étions quatre à consacrer un autre week-end à la protection des océans tout en participant à une autre aventure unique. Merci à tous nos supporters et surtout aux participants ! Vous êtes géniaux !




Back from our latest expedition to Six-Fours-Les-Plages

a nice area just 30 minutes off of Marseille where we monitored the coastline along the islands and were able to collect some amount of trash. We were lucky to be hosted by a comfy and natural place, called “Les Toits du Gabou” which served as our basecamp for three days.

Sea temperature was just around 16-18 degree and the first days we had wind up to 20-25 knots but the girls were just very badass and fearless and went all in. In total we were 4 of us who dedicated another weekend for Ocean protection while being on one further just very unique adventure. Thanks to all of our supporters and especially the participants! You rock!


APRIL 2021

Partnership with Planète Mer for Biodiversity Observation

We are happy to announce our partnership with planète mer to ensure a proper organization, training and execution of Biodiversity Observation during our trails.

We will be sharing the collected information through their program BioLit and support the evaluation for scientific researches (climate change, pollution, introduction of exotic species, etc.), while learning about the life of the fauna and flora of the seashore. 


Voilà – here comes the small series of videos from our latest Seatrekking expedition in Crozon, Brittany in 2020. Enjoy!



Watch The Sea welcomes our new members!

Kaitlyn, Elodie, Natasha, Maxime, Philippe!




17 – 19th October, Expedition for Pure Ocean,
Parc des Calanques, Marseille

This expedition is a collaboration between WATCH THE SEA and PURE OCEAN FUND.
Our team of volunteers will be monitoring the coast of precious Parc des Calanques to collect trash in the water which then will be categorized by MER TERRE within the program “Calanques propres 2020”. Another activity will be biodiversity observation. 
Nights will spent on a private sailing boat, provided by our friend Maxime.
Together with our partner PURE OCEAN FUND we are aiming to bring awareness to the need for ocean protection and actively support it through our offer of sustainable Seatrekking Excursions. 

Watch The Sea welcomes Noor Khosla for an internship

It`s the second time that Watch The Sea welcomes the collaboration with the Institute for American Universities
Noor will be collaborating to develop our social media channels and we are happy looking forward to this!
We are happy to have her in the team.


Seatrekking Expedition 
Crozon, Brittany, September 2020

With waves up to 1.5 meters  this expedition became one of the most challenging ones so far yet also maybe the one with the most beautiful views. The night camp was set up on top of the cliffs with breathtaking views. Together with two experienced swim runners who joined Watch The Sea and got passionate instantly, the group took the adventure along the coast of Crozon for a several day trip covering 15 km in the sea and 15 km on land.





First Seatrekking Expedition for Monitoring with Polaris Program, 
Blue Coast, South of France, August 2020

From the latest Excursion on the Blue Coast, South of France, where we organized our first monitoring with the program from Polaris. We had the pleasure to encounter some more frequently seen species underwater and spent the nights in an amazing cave.

JUNE 2020


 Seatrekking Expedition, 
Saint Cyr-Sur Mer, June 2020

Getting ready.. Packing for the next Seatrekking expedition. Our team will be covering a distance of 8 km along the coast between Saint-Cyr-sur-mer and Bandol in South of France.
On the program:
  • Underwater and terrestrial trekking according to the responsible practice called “Seatrekking”;
  • Collection and categorization of waste found on land and at sea,
  • Observations and counting of marine biodiversity, (hopefully sealife has multiplied during this time of „rest“)
  • Testing of water quality measuring equipment
  • Testing of new innovative eco-responsible sports equipment 

Watch the Sea likes to thank all the actors and supporters of this project!

With the kind support of freediving club Omniblue Freedive for its organization and Fondation de la Mer for the financing of this project. Also Ijinus company for the rental of the water quality measurement equipment, the Cobratex company and Sylvain Bes for the loan of the bamboo fins and the Office de Tourisme de Saint Cyr sur Mer

Seatrekking Expedition,
Skiathos – Greece, June 2020

The three-day open water swimming experience was a fulfilling opportunity for its participants to experience both the grandeur of the coastline while tourism remained at low-levels, explore natural features such as caves, reefs and aquatic life; During this expedition countless pieces of plastic floating around has been collected in the water and on land.


Pure Ocean Lover Challenge, 
Nice - Monaco

This was our first and very positive collaboration with the organization Pure Ocean with who we co-created this Seatrekking ralley along the coast of Nice. The goal: collect any encountered trash during this overnight trail and bring awareness to the importance of this topic. We had the opportunity to present our initiative and goals to the companies and visitors of Day One Event and Innovative City, two events that were aiming to bring forward new innovative ideas in regards of future entrepreneurship. Many thanks to our partner Pure Ocean Fund, David Sussmann and Thomas De Willenfort with their team.

Press Event to present the projects of the 4Helix Project 
at CCMI, Marseille

We had the chance to present our work during this press event, inititiated by the Comune of Marseille in the context of the 4Helix Project. A bunch of great projects have been supported that are all aiming to bring new ideas and products for the MED area.


Networking during the HLD pour la Méditerranée, 

After the presentation of this years projects and their results regarding to Ocean protection, associations and companies invited had the opportunity to connect and to present their work in order to get support by companiesl.

Participation at Beach Cleaning Project, 
Baie des Catalanes, Marseille

We participated in this clean up, organized by diverse organizations like Mer Terre, Remed Zero Dechet, Pure Ocean in collaboration with the Marseille swim club, Team Malmousque and the city of Marseille. The results were tremendous. Kilo of trash was brought to the beach where helpers divided the objects to then get them to recycle. The trash was collected on the coast, the beach, the shallow waters as well as in the depth while Watch The Sea was cleaning the region at the coast in the water. Great to see what can be done when we are working together!


Jean-Jacques Mayol becomes Honorary Member of the association

6 years ago we met JJ for the first time. Of course we were fascinated by the story that had been created around his father, apnea legend Jacques Mayol. But JJ himself continues his fathers work in the sense that he is bringing people to the lifestyle of a Dolphin Man, showing them a way to connect deeply with the sea. JJ had become one of the first Seatrekkers in 2013 and he loved our project from the very first beginning we shared it. We are happy to have him on board and to reconnect on one of our upcoming excursions.

JULY 2019

First associative public excursion 
Côte Bleue, France

Professionals freedivers, experienced open water swimmers and total beginners with passion for windsurfing were coming together on this first adventure organized by our association. The location was both, challenging and exclusively beautiful. Not all the trash encountered during the excursion could be collected due to its size but we did our best to take with us what we could including whole car wheels that had been dumped.

Beach Cleaning after the DELTA Festival

We participated in the beach cleaning initiated by the organizers of the Festival. Tons of trash was collected on the beach as well as in the water. Hot temperatures in the middle of the day made the activity challenging but the organizers kept the supporters protected by their own branded baseball caps. What else could be done than just collecting tons of trash generated each year during this festival? The Organisators are called to come up with more potentially and significantly contributing ideas and alternatives to prevent the pollution of the beaches and sea and to raise awareness.

Watch The Sea at DELTA Festival,

Thanks to Intermade, we were able to participate on the innovative booth of this years DELTA Festival in Marseille, where we not only had the chance to present us to all the young partypeople who partially acclaimed being Oceanlovers as well but we also could connect with great and influential associations and organisations. Amongst them: Sea Sheperd, Recyclop, Un dechet par jour and many more. Although the conditions during these very hot summer days and the smog that had covered the city with pollution, we were happy to be part! Many thanks to the support from Intermade, the team of DELTA Festival and our free collaborators.

JUNE 2019

Connect with Fluidion for Water Testing 
at Ocean 2019, Marseille

On this years exhibition OCEAN, which took place from 17-20 of June in Marseille, we had the pleisure to meet the founders and team and share with them our project. We are aiming to collaborate woth fluidion in the future to be able to also do appropriate water testing in the areas of our excursions which then can be shared with independent laboratories.

MAY 2019

First meet up with SOAS Scotland,
Comino, Malta

The two teachers from SOAS - the School of Adventure Studies in Scotland - seemed very experienced and courageous enough to join their students on this first Seatrekking excursion, planned by the students themselves with the support of Watch The Sea. We are looking forward to our further collaboration.

Successful finish of "Starter Program" 
with Intermade, Marseille

A bunch of awesome initiatives were participating in this years STARTER program from Intermade, who invited us last minute to participate as well. Thank you for all the interesting and valuable information, the new connections we were able to establish and all the beautiful people we met and shared our vision with. Good luck to everyone!

Seatrekking Expedition,
Comino, Malta

Our team was able to collect rubbish around the island of Comino - Republic of Malta where we had our first official collaboration with the natural Parc authorities installed. ERA gave us permission to enter and bivouac over several days in the defined area where we picked up trash in the water as well as on the coast. The trash was identified and the information shared in a trash report. Find it here: