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How I became a Seatrekking Guide

To bring Seatrekking into the world the first movers of this new sport and lifestyle are now starting to teach their knowledge to others. Björn is one of them.




“I want to show people  what it really means to stay in nature for a while and live with just the most existential things.”

cedric_schanze_photographer_outdoormag_seatrekking0368Björn Brand (36) has discovered that he would just feel a lot better being in the sea or at least close to it.  So he decided to quit his job in 2010 and moved to the italian island Elba which is located north of Corsica.  All he wanted was to fulfill his dream of becoming part of the sea – especially the mediterranean sea and life a life close to it.  So he became a dive instructor then freedive instructor and finally seatrekking guide.  For him being underwater just means complete freedom.

Next spring he will start teaching people. The first Seatrekking camp will take place on the coast of Innamorata close to where he lives and where he knows all the good places.  “When you travel along the seacoast you find all the hidden little spots and see how beautiful every corner around the big sandy beaches can be.  Foremost it is so precious to be alone or with just a bunch of friends.  But I also enjoy teaching and guiding”. He will guide maximum 5 people on the coastline of Elba.

cedric_schanze_photographer_outdoormag_seatrekking0305His body is quite strong – the typical “zero fat” body of a freediver but still you can see that he is not the typical one. His tattoes show a slightly different language.  “I am sick of people doing what they want and just destroying our sea. And I don`t hesitate expressing my emotions to people if I see them mistreating or being disrespectful.  The sea is not being protected as it should be.  That`s why I am a fan of Sea Sheperd Conservation.  They are really doing a great job!”


People should know about marine protection and how to really behave  to not disturb the habitat. It`s about understanding but also just experiencing and that`s the best way to really let it sink in.






Find his Seatrekking camp dates for 2016

Elba – Italy, 26.-30. June 2016
Seatrekking Camp for “Absolute Beginners” (easy level)

Elba – Italy, 20.-24. June 2016
Seatrekking Camp for “Beginners” for Freedivers and Outdoor experienced (medium level)

Elba – Italy, 02.-06.September 2016
Seatrekking Camp for “Absolute Beginners” 

(easy level)


Interview by Martina Schlüter

Photos by Cedric Schanze