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Develop your Freediving skills with Freediving World Champion Rémy Dubern over a 4-days training program, or “à-la-carte” tailored freedive sessions. Explore the waters on a 6 days Seatrekking Experience around the wild and beautiful island of Pulau Weh with an overnight in the jungle.

Learn from the champions: Freediving lessons with Rémy Dubern

Before the Seatrekking expedition there will be the chance to build up your free dive skills under the responsibility of free dive champion Rémy Dubern, France. 

Apnea theory courses and practical exercises according to the level and interest.

Duration: 4 Days, extensions possible at preferred price

Seatrekking introduction and excursion with bivouac in the jungle

On expedition around the island of Pulau Weh under the responsibility of Philippe Balch (Watch The Sea).

During our Seatrekking expedition we will spend the nights in the jungle and test our outdoor skills.

Duration: 6 Days, a short and a long excursion

Magnificent sea life

We will discover the beautiful underwater world and practice our Seatrekking move in the water as well as collecting trash.

Good swimming and snorkeling skills as well as good physical fitness. Basic and experienced free diving skills are welcome.

You have good outdoor skills and own your own equipment for free diving and bivouac

You are flexible with the booking time as the exact date of the expedition will be published next year.


Starting at € 880*


  • 4 days Free diving training
  • 6 days Seatrekking Workshop and trail
  • Accommodation and food
  • Transfer from the airport
  • Overnight in private accomodations


  • any other travel costst: arrival / flight tickets / ferry
  • insurance (possible as a reduced price through the association)
  • you have the option to rent a Seatrekking bag, unequipped, for this guided exploration.
    Bag rental: 150 € 



A deposit of 30% of the price will be required to secure participation as soon as this expedition is confirmed.


  • Temperature: 
  • Water Temperature 
  • Distances per Day in the water: up to 5-9 km
  • Languages: English, German, French
  • Group size: maximum 4 people


Prices exclude travel costs to get there. Detailed travel recommendations will be provided. Personal travel insurance is recommended.


Shared room for 2 persons with separate beds. Other options are possible and will be organised based on preferences, price may vary. 3 meals per day and one snack.