Adventure Trails in Europe

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There is a bunch of new adventurous trails along the coasts of a couple european islands. Published by the Seatrekking Community - a newly formed community to spread Seatrekking into…

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They predicted the Boxing Day tsunami, but can Thailand’s sea gypsies stay afloat on the waves of modernity?     Back when it was still known as Burma, Moo Hning’s…

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Ocean Animal Encyclopedia

This Encyclopedia by OCEANA is a beautiful photo collection where you can easily learn more about Ocean Sea Life Loggerhead Turtle Caretta caretta The Loggerhead Turtle is a large-bodied sea…

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Ocean Gravity

A short film project by Guillaume Néry et Julie Gautier  aka Les films engloutis   Makes you wanna fly in the ocean! The freediver is using the zero gravity effect…

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We are modern Seanomads

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"We like to be free and escape the crazyness of our everday life in society" Seatrekking means to reduce yourself to the minimum and to set out to trek along…

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